Bamboo Woven Screens


  • We manufacture custom bamboo screens and panels to suit your specific needs or designs
  • Comes in a variety of weaves and patterns. Check out our product catalog
  • Common applications: partitions, screens, ceilings, decoration, suitable for commercial and domestic applications.
  • Price is per metre squared, supply only, does not include delivery
  • Discounts available on orders over 24 sqm
  • We offer installation services for bamboo screens. Please inquire for costing and time-frames.


Bamboo Woven Screens

Made from 100% South African grown Phyllostachys bamboo.

Treated against insects and fungus with non-fixing Eco-friendly boron solution.

Proudly made in South Africa.

It is recommended that the product be used indoor or under cover.
Product is not recommended for outdoor use, or where it will be in constant contact with moisture.
If used outdoors, the product should be sealed, painted or varnished.




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