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Community Development

Bamboo is a labour intensive material and requires a mass labour force to be able to propagate, maintain, harvest, treat, craft and distribute. This means job creation. As the industry develops, value will be added to local communities through projects such as ablutions, schools, houses, and workshops aimed at skills development. Our vision is to build the future South Africa by cultivating the resources around us, whilst enabling the people around us.

Product Development

We want to make bamboo a mainstream construction material, through Agrément certification. The Agrément certification process recently made it possible to use Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEBs) in mainstream construction, which has in turn led to some landmark architecture in South Africa. Learning how to harness and use renewable resources makes it possible to combine earth and bamboo to create a resilient humanitarian infrastructure, as seen elsewhere in the world.


Having to grow up, study and work in South Africa, we are vividly aware of the colonial and Apartheid history of this country. We recognize the fact that the non-educated black South African person has been, and continues to be exploited. As such we are developing The Bamboo Regional Hub, a place where generated resources will be injected back into the bamboo farming communities in the form of essential and non-essential services such as toilets, houses, schools & learning environments, mobile offices, public community spaces and gardens, and so forth. We will approach non profit organizations with similar objectives to ask for assistance in order to execute projects. We want to invest in, and strengthen our communities through this inclusive and dynamic business model.

Renewable Houses South Africa (Pty) Ltd 2021

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