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Bamboo Development in South Africa

Listen here “Bamboo Development in South Africa through Architecture”

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In the latest episode of The Lab Podcast titled “Bamboo Development in South Africa through Architecture”, RHSA Directors Kanji and Dimitar join Morris Andati to talk about bamboo and its potential impact on South Africa’s economy, environment and culture.

During the conversation, we explore the different types of bamboo that grow in South Africa and their many uses, including landscaping and architectural applications in the context of housing.

As a rapid renewable resource and with thousands of documented applications, we see bamboo’s as a key resource in boosting local economies. Our focus is on developing affordable housing systems for local markets that adhere to ISO Standards.

In doing so, we aim to provide knowledge and skills to ordinary people, empowering them to become more self-sufficient. We believe that this approach fosters independence and self-reliance, which is essential for sustainable growth. We recognize the importance of avoiding the pitfalls of a culture of dependency and entitlement that can arise from excessive reliance on state support.

Listen here.

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