A small start-up

Established in 2018

Kanji Yoshimura and Dimitar Dobrev are the directors of Renewable Houses SA.

Kanji holds a Master’s of Architecture, and Dimitar is a practicing Architect. Through working with bamboo, we are developing a better understanding about how this grass can be used for a wide variety of applications in our context. Our blog explores these ideas and findings.

Kanji & dimitar


Our mission is to learn and teach. We experiment with bamboo growing and construction. We take care to understand the potential of each stage of the growing cycle.



We want to create a tectonic system for the mass market, or at the least to address the housing and services shortages. 

The Agrément certification process recently made it possible to use Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEBs) in mainstream construction, which has in turn led to some landmark architecture in South Africa. Learning how to harness and use renewable resources makes it possible to combine earth and bamboo to create a resilient humanitarian infrastructure, as seen elsewhere in the world.