Renewable Houses SA

established in 2018

Kanji Yoshimura and Dimitar Dobrev are the Founders and Directors of Renewable Houses SA.

Kanji holds a Master’s of Architecture, and Dimitar is a practicing professional Architect. Through working with bamboo, we are developing a better understanding about how this grass can be used for a wide variety of applications in our South African context. Our blog and Instagram page explores these ideas and findings.

Kanji & dimitar

our vision

Our vision is to converge bamboo technology, architectural and landscaping applications into a company offering sustainable housing solutions through renewables.

rapid renewables

Our aim is to understand the potential of SA’s renewable resources so that we can develop context and data driven solutions using natural resources like bamboo, earth and timber. This is achieved through extensive mapping of resources as well as research and implementation of tried and tested methods of resource management. Our business operations are designed around the yearly cycle of the bamboo plant. Cradle to cradle strategy ensures economic activity and productivity all year round.

people and community

Human beings will always have the same basic needs. Any technological housing solutions must have those needs as their point of departure. Technology may change, but people’s needs stay the same. Thus flexibility and adaptability become important factors. Through community engagement and skills development workshops, we aim to impart knowledge and skills that enable people to shape their spaces and make a living using bamboo.

hybrid technology

In order to execute our vision, we are developing hybrid systems which tie together modern modes of construction with natural ones. Our technological solutions are context driven, but also inspired by innovations and methods from across the globe.

In our South African context, we believe that an understanding of renewable resources can form a bridge between poverty and prosperity, by creating opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation. All that is needed is the transfer of knowledge, and ensuring access to resources.

In our studies we have observed the pace with which people’s economic and housing needs can be met by using bamboo and simple modern construction materials. Some examples include, a warehouse made from bamboo, a school, and countless housing solutions.