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Bamboo Products

All of our bamboo is sustainably grown, harvested and processed in South Africa. We offer untreated and treated bamboo culms (poles) and splits. For treatment against insects and fungi, we use a non-fixing method using Boric Acid and Borax. The bamboo nodes are punctured and the bamboo is soaked in the solution until the salts penetrate the bamboo fibres (1-2 weeks). The bamboo is then dried and cured over 3 months, whereafter it is ready for use. Boric Acid and Borax are not harmful to humans and pets.

Bamboo Poles

2.4m - 120mm dia Dendrocalamus Asper
3m - 90/75mm dia Dendrocalamus Asper
6m - 90/60mm dia Dendrocalamus Asper
3m - 40mm dia Beema (Roxb)
1m - 130mm dia Bambussa Balcooa
Inquire for stock availability.

Bamboo Splits

3m - 1/8th Phyllostachys splits
Inquire for various profiles and sizes.

Bamboo Bundles

2m - 20mm dia Beema Bamboo bundle (10kg)
3m - 40/25mm dia Beema Bamboo bundle (20kg)
Bundles are sold by weight. Quantity of poles may vary.

Bamboo Straws

Up to 220mm long, 8mm-15mm diam.

Bamboo Seedlings

Dendrocalamus Asper seedlings available.

Please inquire for availability and prices.

Kanji: 076 100 4764
Dimitar: 071 581 2568

Custom bamboo screens, furniture and other products available on request.