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Vaulted Arch Window in CSEB Wall

Architectural Design

RHSA offers full or partial Architectural Services through SACAP registered Architects. We offer specialist as-built building plans (surveys), planning, construction documentation, 3D-modeling, and furniture design. Our work over the past 10 years has been focused around heritage and conservation, education, community places and landscaping. We are interested in engaging more in the public realm through the various landscaping and construction applications bamboo has to offer. Overall our commitment is to sustainable building methodologies and social & environmental regeneration across rural and urban environments. Contact us directly

Bamboo Seedling in green shade cloth

Bamboo Planting, Bamboo Forest Management and Removal

RHSA offers support to anyone interested in growing, harvesting, and managing bamboo safely and sustainably. We are also able to map existing bamboo forests using GPS technology and assist clients in species identification. Finally, we are able to use the data to model the best solution for our client's needs. Contact us directly

Broken Asper, in need of pruning maintenance

Damage caused by falling trees and heavy wind. If left unattended, this will negatively effect bamboo growth.

Bamboo Consultants and Specialist Contractors

We offer design and build services for the most popular uses of bamboo, including screens and fences. It is also possible to execute a variety of interior designs or non-habitable structures using bamboo, as the material is strong and comes in many shapes and sizes. Our company vision to build houses with bamboo and proven earth based technology in South Africa.

Puncture rod next to bamboo culm

Skills Development Workshops

RHSA offers a skills development workshop consisting of a theoretical and practical component. Over the course of several days, students will learn about the bamboo plant as well as get hands-on with bamboo application in craft and construction. Contact us directly