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Bamboo Mapping and Species Identification

RHSA uses GPS based technology to map existing bamboo, or plot out new bamboo groves.

Specialist Sub-Contractors

Contact us with any queries regarding building with bamboo. Bamboo is ideal for interior construction, where there is minimal contact with moisture. External applications of bamboo require cover above.

Bamboo Forest Management

Contact us with any queries regarding startup up or managing a bamboo plantation or grove.

Architectural Design

RHSA offers full or partial Architectural Services through SACAP registered Architects. Our primary focus is on sustainable building methodologies and social & environmental regeneration across rural and urban environments.

Kanji Yoshimura (Director, Bamboo Specialist)

For all queries related to bamboo availability, management, mapping, propagation and processing.

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Dimitar Dobrev (Director, CSEB Specialist, Pr.Arch)

For all marketing, architecture or construction queries.

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